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zynisches-grinsen said: The moment Ichigo started to approach he bared his teeth in a fierce display to show he would and could harm the male if he felt threatened. Ichigo didn't ever try to understand him and he'd gotten used to it after a while, tensing up like a bowstring the closer the male got. Voice a gravelly, distorted growl at the words. No shit he'd made a mess. "Ya deserve it." { I had to continue the thing }

 From where he sat, Ichigo turned his head. It didn’t take a body language expert to see that his hollow was tense, maybe even on the verge of attacking him outright. But he didn’t feel all that alarmed, just… tired really. The kind of tired that wasn’t physical or mental. It seeped up from his core. A bone deep weariness. The kind that begged to lay down on the ground and never get up again.

He couldn’t even argue. But he’d never been the type of person that could just pour out his emotions on command. Usually, they came when he wanted them the least, un-tamable and uncontrollable. Much like the hollow himself.

           ”I know.” His eyes fell to the floor. It was a safer place to look. “I can’t fix what’s already happened, and you won’t tell me what you want. What am I supposed to do?”

He’d do it if he just knew. It wasn’t like he wasn’t grateful. 

          It took him a second to realize his fist was clinched on his knee, hard enough to turn white at the knuckles. He opened it and watched it shake before dropping it again, swallowing. “I owe you my life. I know that.”

But I don’t have anything to give you.



      Still finding the time for insults while terrified for
        his life —— typical Kurosaki, the archer states silently,
        simply taking his time to dust off the spectacles with-
        drawn from his school bag, and placing them upon his
        face;  two  fingers  resting  tentatively  upon  metal, as
        they’re adjusted into place. Much better. Now he can
        handle the nuisance in front of him ( whom of which is
        entirely whimping, mind you —— ) and his apparent
        need to attempt to wriggle out of his current predicament. 

                   ❝ Choose your words carefully, Kurosaki —— unless you
                      ask  me  politely,  pushing  me  to the brink of annoyance
                      —— more so than you have already, that is, you won’t be
                     getting loose without my assistance. If you were looking for
                     a serious answer to that ignorance-riddled question, however… 
                     yes, they were near my spare cape, to prevent scratching my
                     lenses. Now, is your stupidity still aflare? Because if your need
                     to continue questioning me with such insolence has ceased,
                     there’s a hollow approaching and I need to take care of it…

         There was no way Ishida wasn’t saying most of that just to piss him off. The sad part being that on some level it worked every-single-damn time.  

     Not that he planned on letting him know that. 

           “Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t listening to most of whatever you just said. That was a lot of words just to answer yes. I thought you were supposed to be smart, but it looks like you haven’t even learned how to get to the point yet. Don’t worry about the hollow, I’m sure I’ll have it taken care of by the time you finish whatever smart thing you have to say next.”




You could say that she tensed up a bit out of surprise when Ichigo grabbed her arm, simply to make sure she didn’t flail and nearly fall like he did the first time going through. It was kind, but the grasp lasted longer than it needed to, and when he finally released her, she’d roll her shoulders. His grip was a little tight for some reason, and it made her arm slightly sore. Nothing to worry about, though.

However, when Ichigo responded, she was a bit stumped. Her expression fell nearly just as quickly as he began saying what he did—head lowered, so that whatever face she had wasn’t visible for his eyes. What he said both embarrassed and offended her… She had enough problems? Was that really all that people thought of her? That Ichigo thought of her?

And it wasn’t like Ichigo was just some random guy. He was her friend! Was it so wrong to give her friend a warm place to sleep for the night? Why was he worried what it would look like when there obviously wasn’t—and wouldn’t ever—be anything between them…

"It’s fine…. I’ll call a taxi for you. I don’t know why I didn’t just think of that in the first place… That was…silly of me… Sorry…"

At this point, they were pretty close to her house, so she was pulling out her phone from her bag after searching through it. Once her phone was out, she began to dial the number to call for a taxi cab. Honestly, why hadn’t she just thought of this? It was stupid of her to think she could offer such a thing to Ichigo. Or anyone really…. Inoue’s thumb hovered of the send button, and lingered there as her head filled, and swarmed with various thoughts about what people actually thought of her. How they saw her and what she was doing wrong… Every possible thing… At least that’s what it felt like.

Ichigo frowned, eyes flicking up to catch her downturned face as she walked ahead, not waiting for him. And he didn’t bother keeping up even though it was idiocy to linger out here after everything he’d just said about needing to hurry so he could get home without becoming a permanent part of the landscape.

He took a few quick strides, long legs catching him up to Inoue like she’d never left his side.

“Hey, I didn’t mean anything by that…”

She still wasn’t looking at him. He could feel his heart thumping against the inside of his chest because if there was one person he knew that didn’t deserve to be hurt it was her. And yet here he was. Doing exactly what he worried about most. Hurting her, and not having the slightest clue of how to undo it, because he’d meant what he’d said. He wasn’t going to be the reason her reputation was tarnished.


When she pulled out her phone, he went to shove his hand through his hair.

That’s when he noticed the warm, wetness seeping from his palm. Lifting his hand, he saw the dark, glossy stain pooling in the center. Blood welled from a cut, he hadn’t even felt before slipping over the side of his hand and hitting the snow. There must’ve been something sharp when he’d grabbed the pole to keep from falling.


Blood splattered across his shoe and he closed his fist to keep anymore from escaping. With a snort of self-derision, he pulled his uninjured hand out to scrub at his neck, unsure if he should mention it or just let his dad stitch it up and clean it when he got back to the clinic.



The door to the office closed behind him, and Ichigo scowled down at the slip of paper detailing his class schedule. Athletics. His first class was going to be the one with over-muscled, sweaty guys, short-tempered from exhaustion and too much testosterone. Great.

And he was late. He hated being late— wouldn’t have been late if he hadn’t spent the last half hour listening to a lecture about delinquent behavior not being tolerated.  The first day and they’d taken one look at why he was removed from his last school, and he could’ve videotaped the change that came over their faces. No one even asked him what happened.

Glancing down at the crudely sketched map, he hung a left, out the front doors and around the side of the building. He memorized the route before shoving the scrap into his pocket and rounding the metal and cement bleachers.

Ichigo's epic sideburns appreciation post
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Grimmjow, as requested by anon, arsi-san and fumighast (+ i chose #14 of all the palettes).

protectyr said: Dyes your hair pink so we aren't that similar anymore. Also so they have to use me for official art. B)


      “Hey, twin, c’mere a second.”

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